Push Inbox on mobile

Email is huge business and for the high end corporate market, both the Blackberry and Microsoft are battling it out with proprietary systems that require dedicated hardware, handsets or software. PUSH INBOX is for the 95% of the markets that neither have nor can afford high end handset running software.

PUSH INBOX is a mobile solution to provide a free email account and PUSH notification of a new email; it works on any mobile handset with a data tariff account. The service is a totally white-labelled solution, meaning that any partner can utilise their own domain name and branding within the system. A user receives a 'yourname@yourwebaddress.com' account and can add as many additional existing accounts (POP or IMAP) to their base account for pick up directly by their mobile handset.

The service has the following core features:

  • Free email account for set up of existing email accounts to view mail.
  • Handles common attachments – PDF, Word, Audio & video.
  • Provides a white list for easy input on emails.
  • Editable contacts and white list
  • Sends attachments, forwards and deletes emails.
  • Provides PUSH notification on individual accounts.

PUSH INBOX works on all WAP enabled handsets. This provides a base service to all users regardless of handset specification. In developing markets email addresses are a status symbol, ROK provides one free as part of the solution!