ROK Welcomes President Obama�s 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

Mon 18th Oct 2010

ROKTalk multi-language text to speech service ‘a perfect product’ to help support new accessibility and equality legislation

London and Los Angeles, 18th October 2010: ROK Global, the UK-based technologies, applications and services company, has welcomed the implementation of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, which has now been signed into US law by President Obama.

Twenty years after the creation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, major advancements in technologies now provide opportunities for individuals with visual impairments and other disabilities such as dyslexia to enjoy greater and easier access to the internet and other areas of the digital world. 

One such technology is ROKTalk, the multi-language text-to-speech service for websites, developed by ROK and available to website owners at 

“Until now, most laws designed to ensure equal treatment for Americans with disabilities have focused primarily on physical, real-world access, rather than web access, yet the internet is an essential medium for communications, whether for employment purposes, education or leisure.” Said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK.  “That’s why we developed ROKTalk, which we see as a perfect product to help support the implementation of this new legislation.”