ROK continues to expand its operations with increased interest in Industrial Technologies

Thu 11th Oct 2012

ROK Global PLC, the mobile, web and industrial technology, applications and services company co-founded by US Billionaire John Paul DeJoria and UK entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick, has announced an increase in the stake of ROK Protective Systems from 51% to 70% in a part-shares, part-cash agreement.

ROK Protective Systems has developed a portfolio of highly innovative industrial technology products, with 9 patent applications in place, which includes ROK Shield glass-strengthening laminates, ROK Protect ballistic-protection system designed for easy and cost-effective fitting into the side panels of motor vehicles, several blast protection systems for pipelines and conduits, anti-corrosion longevity solutions for steel and other metals and materials, anti-cracking and strengthening products for concrete, as well as natural oil spill recovery products, safety panels for the construction industry and riot shields for law enforcement agencies.

In addition, ROK Flex Marine, the latest industrial technology product to be marketed by ROK, is a highly durable coating for the hulls of boats and incorporates an anti-fowling agent to help prevent the hull becoming encrusted with barnacles and other marine creatures for between 5 and 10 years. ROK Flex Marine represents a significant advancement in the durability and effectiveness - and therefore the cost-saving - of below the waterline protection for the hulls of boats and also helps in reducing water resistance so vessels are able to move faster in the water, using less fuel.

“We are delighted to have increased our stake in ROK Protective Systems because we are hugely excited at the levels of commercial interest from private and public companies and organisations in our industrial technologies portfolio, most recently for ROK Flex Marine, and will continue to develop and deploy these to our existing, new and potential customers globally.” Said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK.

In addition to being the co-founder of ROK, John Paul DeJoria is Chairman and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems, the world’s largest privately-owned salon-only hair care company and is also co-founder of Patron Tequila, the world’s leading premium tequila brand.

In addition to industrial technology products, ROK has pioneered many new technologies in the rapidly-evolving mobile, web and security space including high quality  mass-market Mobile TV which can be streamed, live and on-demand, over  mass-market 2.5G as well as 3G and Wi-Fi, as well as mobile security technologies, which it licenses to law-enforcement agencies, multi-language text-to-speech technologies and the fast-growing online e-commerce portal for sustainable brands and products, JP Selects.

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