ROK Homeland Security providing a �Vital Asset� in Policing and Security

Thu 18th Aug 2011

Jonathan Kendrick, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of ROK Group PLC, the mobile and web technologies, applications and services company has issued a Statement today regarding ROK Homeland Security service:

“It’s a fact of life that our security services and agencies, including the police fighting all manner of crime to the armed forces fighting wars, the guarding of our borders, the war on terror and a multitude of other threats both domestic and foreign, are facing a very real and ever-increasing and sophisticated level of threat from all directions.

It is no secret that the only real and major advantage we have in countering these threats is the use of cost-effective and appropriate technologies – particularly with regard to preventing such events using predictive technologies, providing super-efficient information and communication streams during events and in the gathering of evidence for post-event analysis and action.

To enable our security and policing agencies to operate with much greater efficiency is the key.

That said, it must be noted that while government spending, generally, is under severe pressure, when it comes to the crucial War on Terror, there are no budgets.

These factors are precisely why we as a company have invested so much in the development of ROK Homeland Security (RHS).

The original version of RHS has undergone detailed and thorough trials, in real-time and in fighting real crime, with several police and security agencies in the US and the UK over the course of eight months, during which we have received highly useful and positive feed-back which has led to the further development and enhancement of the service.

What exactly is it about RHS that our police and security partners are so excited about? Why are these agencies licensing the service commercially on an ever-increasing scale and why has RHS been described as a ‘vital asset’ in policing and security?

Everything about RHS is born of ROK’s unique data-compression and secure-encryption technologies with tamper-proof data storage.

An officer equipped with an RHS-enabled mobile is able to be tracked, via GPS or triangulation, in real time with all movements stored securely. In addition, he is able to gather evidence using the camera and video functionality of the device and is able to patch-in to his CCTV camera network remotely and on-demand wherever he may be. Furthermore, he is able to communicate with his colleagues and be contacted by them, both verbally and via text, securely. Crucially, he is able to alert his fellow officers and his commanders to any personal danger he may be in through location-based ‘SOS’ service.

Furthermore, we are currently integrating secure email, number plate recognition and biometric capabilities into RHS.

Given the fact that many police and security officers are issued with a mobile phone anyway, the added benefits of issuing them with RHS-enabled handsets is becoming increasingly obvious.

It’s simple to use, it works and it represents a step-change in terms of cost-effective policing.”

Listed on the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, ROK Global PLC was co-founded by US Billionaire John Paul DeJoria and UK-based serial technology-specialist entrepreneur, Jonathan Kendrick.

In addition to being the co-founder of ROK, John Paul DeJoria is Chairman and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems, the producer and manufacturer of Paul Mitchell hair care products which achieve in-salon retail sales of approximately US $900m annually through more than 100,000 salons worldwide. John Paul is also co-founder of Patron Tequila, the world’s leading premium tequila brand.

ROK has pioneered many new technologies in the rapidly-evolving mobile and web space including mass-market high quality streamed Mobile TV, ROK Homeland Security, the cutting-edge mobile security technologies which it licenses to law enforcement agencies as well as multi-language text-to-speech technologies.